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Elmhurst Flood Control Prevention

Flood Control Systems

Flood Control Systems

Are you looking to avoid flooding damage to your home? Call Koehlinger Plumbing at (630) 230-1430 and schedule the installation of a quality flood control system today!

Flooding is a serious problem in your home because of water damage and because of all the toxic sewer back-up that flows into your home. Basement flooding can be caused by an inadequate sump pit, broken sump pump or problems with your sewer lines. Furthermore, when natural disaster strikes, you could experience flooding. Flooding also occurs when city sewer lines back up. Many of these issues can be avoided with the installation of a quality flood control system.

How Flood Control Works

There are several different ways to control flooding in your home. Because every home is different, each home will require different methods to to prevent different types of flooding. Koehlinger Plumbing can evaluate your flooding problems and recommend a system that is right for your property.

Some of the Most Common Flooding Solutions Are:

?????????????????Sump Pump Installation – A sump pump is the first defense against basement flooding. Having a good sump pump in your home will direct excess ground water away from you home to a nearby waste water system. In many heavy storms, losing electricity can cause many sump pumps to stop, so it is important to have a back up power source. Additionally to stop flooding, a backup flood control system is needed. We provide several back-up systems such as a battery run sump pump and an ejector pump for solid waste.

Flood Control Systems – There are a large variety manufactured flood control systems available on the market. Most offer different warranties for parts and labor. Flood control systems use heavy duty pumps with check valves allowing water to drain away from your home to sewer lines. These prevent city sewage and water backing up into your house. Pipe-guards are used when water is flowing away from your house preventing water from flowing from back towards your house. These systems work even during the most intense rain.

Trenchless Sewer Relining – To prevent flooding from sewer back-up, sewer pipe relining can be used. This method coats your existing sewer pipes with an epoxy resin coating the inside of drain pipes. Upon drying, your pipes become stronger and last longer to help prevent damaging roots than the previous pipes. Trenchless Sewer Relining costs less than excavation, and it has a longer life expectancy saving you the replacement of costly landscaping.

Koehlinger Plumbing specializes in flood control systems in Elmhurst and the surrounding areas.

To avoid the possibility of flooding in your home, call Koehlinger Plumbing to check out your existing plumbing and provide flood control options for your home. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Flooding can damage your home, furniture and keepsakes. We have a variety of options for different budgets and can even provide financing options to protect your home against serious flood risks!

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