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How to Prevent Pipes from Freezing in Your Home

When the weather starts to fall below freezing, many people leave for vacations and tend to leave the weather behind. This can result in pipes freezing in your home so you need to prepare to prevent pipes in your home or office from freezing. Once pipes freeze and defrost, they can leave you with a complete disaster that may require you to tear down walls while replacing these bad pipes.

frozen_pipeIf you have a frozen pipe or frozen pipes, try to shut the water off for that pipe immediately to prevent further damage. If you are unable to locate the shut off valve or unsure what to do call your plumber right away.

When dealing with a frozen pipe or frozen pipes, waste no time in getting a reliable plumber in your home fast! Your plumber will shut off the water to prevent further damage and open the wall up so pipes can be heated and drained.

A smart heating system can be wise investment if you plan on going out of town or leaving your home for prolonged periods of time. Smart heating systems allow you to control your HVAC from your mobile device. You can adjust temperatures in your home from anywhere. If you do not have a smart heating system, make sure you leave the heat on even if it’s just a low setting so when temperatures fall below freezing, your home will be protected.

Another good practice can be to insulate the pipes coming in to your home from exterior walls to help prevent freezing. It can also be a good idea to leave your faucet on a slow drip in different parts and stories of the house to keep water and air moving through your pipes. This can help prevent pipes from freezing in falling temperatures.

While it may be fun to get away from the cold weather, it is best to take the proper precautions to make sure your home is protected. Remember the old adage, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Following the tips from this article will help you make sure your home is protected and can prevent disaster from hitting your home.