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Are bad odors coming in to your home? These odors can be coming from your homes sewer lines. Call us today for a Free Sewer Repair Estimate at (630) 230-1430. Our local team are the go to specialists for sewer line repair in Elmhurst and Lombard! Click here to save with for sewer repair coupons.

Plumber at workYour sewer line is connected to all of your home’s plumbing appliances and fixtures. This means your bathtub, shower, sing and toilets flush waste and water into the sewer line. If there is an issue with your homes sewer line, this can cause major issues in your home.

If you suspect there are issues with your sewer lines in your home or office, be sure to contact Koehlinger Plumbing Heating & Air for the very best services in Elmhurst, Lombard and the surrounding areas. Our plumbing team specializes in these types of issues and can solve your sewer problems fast.

Causes of sewer line problems

Many different things that can cause a sewer line problems. One the most common ways sewer lines experience is clogging in the lines going out to septic tanks or city sewers. These clogs prevent water from flowing out and put unnecessary strains on your piping.

In addition to that, sewer lines outside your home are susceptible to damage. Sewer lines can be crushed by heavy trucks and other heavy materials placed on above them. Another factor effecting sewer lines is invasive roots which cause major damage to sewer lines.

If you suspect your sewer lines are damaged, give Koehlinger Plumbing a call. We will provide you with industry leading repair solutions to resolve your sewer line problems in no time!

Signs that your lines are damaged:

Here are some of the most common signs of a damaged sewer lines:

Sewer Backup – The most common sign of damaged sewer lines is shown when flushing your toilet comes up into your bathtub or sink.
Pooling Water – A sign of a broken sewer line issue is if you see a pooling of water in your yard. This is a sign that your sewer line has burst or broken in that area and needs to be repaired right away.
Slow Drainage – When you notice that your sinks, showers, and bathtubs drains take your longer than normal to drain water, this is a sign you sewer lines are damaged. These damaged lines can leave standing water in your home.
If you have experienced any of these issues in your home, give us a call for a free estimate. We will inspect your sewer lines and determine the best solution for your home.

Preventing sewer problems in in your home

While preventing damage to your sewer lines is something most people don’t think about, these tips can help you prevent sewer damage to your home. When having work done in your backyard or have trucks parked in your yard, make sure that you instruct the workers to avoid the area where your sewer lines rest.

Another way to prevent sewer line issues is to avoid letting clogs last in your drains. Avoid flushing items down the drain that do not belong there. Make sure you have your septic tank pumped to avoid excess waste.

When you have the experts at Koehlinger Plumbing on your side, you will sleep well at night knowing that we are on your side. Our friendly staff is waiting for your call and we provide emergency service around the clock, so give us a call at (630) 230-1430

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